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Before images.
It has a strong importance conception of what we are seeing, if it has reality or not.


The most effective emotions producer and the better marketing tool.
Do you ever heard about emotional marketing?


Only fantasy and creativity language in the world.
Doesn’t exist a better way for comunicate with all the people.

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FantaManzionna 2013
Video production of 26 minutes. Post production by, from creation graphic to sound/video editing and finally compositing.
Web site with inside management system (joomla cms installed).
There are highlights of the matches inside it.
Organization and tournament managament, graphic, web and video production by
Logos and photo compositing
Graphic creation, for consumer and business purpose.
Click here for view some examples

Radio Demo – Simoncina Vocalist
Recording and sound editing, produced by in Radio Sound City studios as director.
Listen Demo file